“Beast Incarnate” 

by Thor

Maltese blasphemers Beheaded return with “Beast Incarnate” – an eight-song slab of black-hearted death metal menace.

These guys have been around for over a quarter-century and have remained consistently good over that span, but “Beast Incarnate” feels like the culmination of all that’s comes come before it.  It’s a remarkably produced collection of exemplary metallic song-writing.

Beheaded play death metal with a sort of old-school vibe, for lack of a better description.  They sound like the product of their environment which is to say they’re shaped by and are a reaction to old European Catholicism.  Sonically, they employ darkly melodic passages amid the chaotic musical extremities that typify the style.  And the lyrical content is alluded to by song titles such as “Reign of the Headless King,” “The Black Death,” and “Cursed Mediterranean.”

The ominous pall wrought by these tunes is that of a medieval, cold, and brutal world wherein men do the bidding of a malevolent god.  It’s bleak, black, and disease-ridden.  It’s quintessential death metal for fans of Game of Thrones, Dungeons & Dragons, and the decrepit underbelly of Western Civilization nigh a thousand years past.
Beheaded’s “Beast Incarnate” is a must-have for metal heads who dig the Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, Immolation approach to the genre.