“The Righteous Bloom”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Stoner/retro rock fans have long spoken the name Beelzefuzz with reverence. I had a chance to see them play on one of the Days of the Doomed fests and they went over big time. After some acrimonious line up changes, they’ve rolled out their latest, “The Righteous Bloom”.

The band certainly has their own unique stye. It’s very poppy and melodic and steeped in the scent of the psychedelic/Britpop flavors of the late 60’s. Yet their guitar sound can be very fuzzed out and heavy and sometimes downright abrasive.  The tunes here are pretty compact, with none of those 12 minute morose sludge excursions.
I can appreciate the uniqueness of Beelzefuzz, but I dunno, their sound is not for me. I can appreciate melody but it just seems too sweet to me, almost sugary. The vocals are so clear and “precious” sounding like late 60’s/early 70’s radio rock, it’s almost too good to be true.  “Rat Poison Parfait” is an example. Maybe I’m just getting really burned out on the whole retro rock/psych rock/occult rock/stoner thing. When the ground gets saturated with enough rain, the moisture doesn’t sink in anymore, it just runs off. Even with their undeniable originality, Beelzefuzz is just not heavy enough for me. If your taste runs to the lighter alloys of metal, you would probably enjoy it more.