By Dr. Abner Mality

"Henosis" is a term used in Platonic philosophy, denoting unity with what is true and pure in reality; in other words, a unity with God. A heavy concept deserves a heavy band and The Beast of The Apocalypse is nothing if not heavy.

To these guys, the fundamental truth of reality seems to be rooted in crushing waves of guitar distortion...the drone of total destruction, a void of pure sound. And if you dig primitive, raw, low-tuned guitar devastation, you may indeed find "Henosis" here. This is music for only select adepts, eschewing needless technicality and focused on primal matter. The Beast set forth their doctrine pretty well on their last effort "A Voice From the Four Horns of the Golden Altar" and stick to it here. This time around, the music seems thicker and riffier, but not quite as chaotic and bestial as on "A Voice..." The differences are minute and chances are you're gonna be flattened like a bug on a window by this monolithic attack. The vocals are shrieks and groans pushed way into the background, adding some atmosphere but not getting in the way of your punishment.

After a doomy intro "One", "Vision Of The 12 Priests Before the Altar" explodes with the fury of early Bathory. This raw and murky rifferama, relying on extensive repetition, is the basic build block of The Beast's music and offers a pathway to enlightenment. Each lengthy tune offers a different example of their ultra-heavy gnosticism, with "The Immortal Realm of Barbelo" and "I Am Not Worthy To Utter Thy Name" being the best in my humble eyes.

You either get it or you don't. Join me and let your soul get engulfed by this vast tidal wave of sound.