"Rise to Power"

by Theron Moore

“Rise to Power” is straight up, non-apologetic thrash that’s fast, crunchy and definitely shred worthy.  Reminds me a little bit of a band called Wrathchild America to a small extent. I love the production on this record.  It shows how heavy the Battlecross sound truly is.   Well-crafted music to say the least -- not afraid to go melodic when needed, didn’t overdue / overuse the speed factor and didn’t over kill the double kick drumming  like a lot of  bands tend to do.  I normally get bored after a few songs with bands like this but not so with “Rise to Power.”  The vocals drew me in and the music kept me there.  Battlecross is probably one of the strongest thrash bands I’ve heard all year. I certainly look forward to seeing them with Gwar when they come to town.  Buy “Rise to Power.”  Money well spent.