“Battle Raider”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Battle Raider from Mexico City have got themselves the worst fuckin’ cover art EVER! Wow, this is ridiculous! I know traditional metal bands have a thing for making their cover art look crude, but this piece of work was done by somebody with ZERO knowledge of human anatomy, perspective or how to use color. It is jaw droppingly bad.

How about the music? Well, thankfully it’s not as terrible as the cover, but neither is it very impressive. Their heart seems to be in the right place and the form is correct, but the substance is lacking. A lot of this just sounds…off. The high shrieking vocals kind of wear on the nerves after a while and the vocal lines are not terribly catchy. The bass seems to predominate and while that creates some interest on “Tartan Piper Alpha”, it is awkward on “Commander” and “A Sioux Prayer”. “Tartan Piper Alpha” is an instrumental and definitely the best song here. There’s a lot of cool “watery” effects on the bass and guitar and kind of an early Maiden meets Running Wild song. “Commander” meanders way too long and the structure is out of whack. “Atlanteans of Gold” is not too bad as an epic metal song but the vocals test the patience.

Best of the Mexican classic metal bands is still VOLTAX by far. Battle Raider is not as hopeless as their woeful cover indicates, but they have a LOT of work to do.