by Octopi Mills

The slow, lumbering, lurching sound lurks as this one opens out in the spread of my mind; and I wait as my brains thaw from the freeze of morning to stew with the sound. The first song messes around and rides me on a cruise of riffs and is followed by "Ain Soph" which catches some wind and carries strange adornments to thought-piece a headdress around the mind. The female vocalist is from Death Penalty and she gets theatrical at times in the new age, arse naked occultist spirit that makes for a big page turner.

 In a like manner that MacGregor Mathers donned Egyptian dress, or Crowley went naked under his robes,  we have the theme of Aquarian occultism and the near brainwash of cult regalia that comes to a babbling, bubbling froth in "Demon 13". The cover art looks as if someone has been crippled in a cult ritual and has a fractured persona, as if their handlers were more than just mere hippies. "The Sleepless Gods" has a classic doom sound made mightier by some warring drums and made more the degenerate by the belated and cat-like, handled moans of the vocalist. There's a Babylonian fashion to some of the music, or something ritualistic in places that is seen building at the final song before it graduates into its final degrees, passing from adeptus in sodomy to attain full decree in its masters rights as a general harmer of other initiates. She growls and get's mean with it at times, and plays the role while the music rolls out and catches the sin from the ground like a carpet. There's a theme in doom metal that is largely ceremonial in program and it's seen here to the better of its other temple goers, as the age ripens now...