BAT "Primitive Age"

ALEHAMMER "Barmageddon"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Uncouth, unshaved and we have a couple examples of metal at its most primitive and stripped down. Each band approaches their craft in a different way and each is made up of members from more known bands. Let's dive into the muck and see what they have to offer.

BAT is yet another product of the Municipal Waste compound out of Richmond, Virginia, with Ryan Waste as the mastermind and ex-D.R.I. man Felix Griffin manning the drums. Boy, these guys like their old school Venom..."Rule of the Beast" is pretty much a remake of "Heaven's On Fire" with just a little riff tweakage. Old Venom is the primary influence, but ancient Motorhead and crusty old Brit-punk also help this Bat to fly. The production hits that early 80's spot directly and the vocals bring raw rock n' roll to mind. 5 tracks on "Primitive Age" and while I can't say I was utterly blown away by Bat, they do fulfill my need for filthy, primitive metal.

Alehammer is a heavier, weightier beast,  Supposedly these all-star crust-grinders contain members of icons like Doom, Hellkrusher, Impulse Manslaughter and more, but there's no mention of who they actually are. This is massive,  thick and foul riffage dedicated to booze and broads and sounding a lot like a drunken Hellhammer mixed with early grind. It's as clean and shiny as a pig buried in mud and shit....just the thing if you like battering ram grooves, blast furnace speed and wart-infested vocals. "Floormonger" and "Fermented Death" are cuts where these brutes really bear down and destroy. Again, as with Bat, it's not outstanding stuff, but it certainl accomplishes its limited mission pretty well.