By Octopi Mills

The beginning of this damned thing sounds like some old wind ghost coming from a dungeon; something haunted and malevolent. The guitars warp and retard, as if to bend laws. There is a cursed sound to all of this- the tortured atmosphere and black metal noir...the strange way the songs flow in a broken motion. Vocals sound fogged and as if they are coming from a hive of spirits, all forlorn and evil ones. Songs seem more like busted pieces of an old abandoned house or some black hooded bad trip wizard casting a spell to make you lose your mind- I am sure he means you no good. 

This one sort of has it's own bad vibe, but has an atmosphere not unlike some of the old LLN French guys, or something like STRIBORG or XASTHUR, but it manages to have its own terrible way about it, and I would have no  doubt in the right circumstances this could scare the hell out of some folks. Song titles include "The Crooked Wand of the Ophidian Craft", "Binding of Shadow Spirits" and the charming "Crystalline Prison of Souls". If my dear old granddad were alive he would most certainly shoot this thing with his black powder gun. So pack up the wife, tie up the neighbors and head on out to the graveyard tonight with BASMU if you want something to go to the asylum about- a place where you can bang your head, against a wall for the rest of your short days ahead.