“There’s Something About Beryl”

By Dr. Abner Mality

England’s Basement Torture Killings are the Devil’s Rejects of death metal. Watching that movie made me feel so filthy I had to take a shower. The BTK crew has much the same effect on me with “There’s Something About Beryl”. This is the dirtiest, sleaziest underbelly of death metal and I’m sure they wouldn’t want it any other way.

They obtain exactly the result they are after. With tunes called “Abduction Torture Snuff Porn”, “Shit Carcass” and “Necrophiled and Cannibalized”,  you better sound slime-caked and rotting. It’s important to note this isn’t goregrind or the kind of ultra-brutal death with pig squeals and cricket chirps. No, this is more like early Carcass combined with defunct Brits Gorerotted. The guitar is murky, muddy and not digital in the least. And there is a certain perverted catchiness to “The Rat Catcher” and “Knives”. But the brutality never lets up.

As for Beryl, she is actually the voice of BTK and she’s almost on the same level as my first girlfriend when it comes to guttural roars. Having a female as the lead singer of this depraved bunch just adds to the general feeling of sickness.

This band brings the raw filth back to death metal so if you’re a fan of old school horror, head down to the basement…Beryl’s waiting.