By Dr. Abner Mality

Anybody remember when Southern Lord used to be a real diverse label with all sorts of different bands on it? Everything from traditional doom metal to harsh black metal to experimental stuff to brutal hardcore? Seems like a long time ago now. They seem to have dropped just about everything except the brutal hardcore and as a result, they are pretty monotone these days.

Take Baptists, for instance. "Bloodmines" is full of rage and feedback and almost ends as soon as it starts. That's about it. It kind of flies right through your head like the hum of a vacuum cleaner, although you can't deny the anger behind these brief tunes. They seem to have a bit of a "twangier" approach to noisy hardcore than some of the other Southern Lord bands, but believe me, there is absolutely nothing here that has not been done many, many times before. Even on the same label!

I bet these guys will rip ya a new one if you seem 'em live. God bless 'em, but this is the essence of "in one ear and out the other". Get it if you are a "buy all" fanatic for Southern Lord and feedback-laden hardcore, but that sure isn't me. Just too much like this out there to make a dent in me these days.