“In Satan We Trust”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Italians are not all power metal pansies. Some of them like their whiskey straight, their metal loud and their churches on the crispy side. Such a band is Baphomet’s Blood, who seem to be the 21st century incarnation of their notorious countrymen Bulldozer.

I’ve had a hankering for raw Satanic metal with a punk feel for eons now and Baphomet’s Blood scratches that itch, but I can’t say this is the best of the breed. It’s authentic but so much by the numbers that it becomes kind of dull. Everything is EXACTLY what you would expect. Some bands can make that work, but I don’t know, BB is too typical, right down to the very predictable booze-soaked growls and Motorheadish riffing. When the singer pronounces “Triple Six” as “TRY-ple Six”, it’s a real facepalm moment. Come on!

Fans of Bulldozer, Venom, Gehennah and Nifleheim will enjoy “Underground Demons”  and “Infernal  Overdrive” and so do I, but nothing about “In Satan We Trust” is going to linger long in your memory. I have a chance to see these guys (and lady…there is one in the band) in 2016 and I suspect live in a smoke-filled metal club is where they will shine the best.