"Sands of Time"

By Dark Starr

This is an awesome disc that just plain rocks. It has a real roots rock meets stripped down metal and blues sound. It might not be the most original thing you’ve ever heard, but the particular mix is rather unique and it’s delivered with so much finesse that it’s nearly impossible to look the other way.

The authenticity starts right away with first cut "Strokes", which kicks off with an acoustic blues jam so pure it will make you cry. Then it slams into an early Aerosmith sounding riff know, the kind of song they stopped doing 30 years ago...only with an even heavier vibe. Raw! The rest of the tunes bring a variety of hard rock influences to mind...WASP on "Sink The Rig",  AC/DC and Krokus on "Win Or Lose", Kiss and Saxon on "Only a Fool". The band only stumbles a couple of times...the predictable power ballad "Cryin' Shame" is too cliched for its own good and the album ends on a weak note with a very generic "Don't Play With Fire".

OK, this is not original in the least, but it doesn't try to be. It's a great bluesy hard rocking disc that comes highly recommended.