"Revelation Highway" 

By The Gil-Man

Sometimes, when you are given the task of reviewing an album from a band you are not too familiar with, you come across a hidden gem.  Even though their previous studio album was released way back in 2000, that's exactly how I felt about "Revelation Highway", the fourth studio album by '80's-'90's rockers, Babylon A.D., which was released at the end of 2017.

This California bay-area band is guitar-driven, high-energy and surprisingly, after all of these years, continuing to make great music with all original members.  Yep, Derek Davis, Ron Freschi, John Mathews, Robb Reid and James Pacheco have been together for 30+ years, something so unusual that I can only think of a couple of bands still out there playing from that era that can boast the same claim, namely Aerosmith and ZZ Top, although I'm sure there are a few more. (RUSH for sure--Mality)

The 10-track album was full of good tunes, starting with "Crash & Burn" and "Fool on Fire", a couple of songs that immediately made me pick up my air guitar and start playing along with them.  "One Million Miles" and "Tears" slow things down just a bit, but are by no means ballads and "She Likes to Give It" is a really good song, despite it being a touch too long.

 The rest of the album was a pleasant surprise, quickly getting back to the heavier side of things.  As a matter of fact, the last three songs, "I'm No Good for You", "Saturday Night" and "Don't Tell Me Tonight", were some of the best songs on the album, an album that was really good from start to finish.

 I truly enjoy pleasant surprises, especially when it comes to my music, and this record was exactly that.  It's a record I would have no problem adding to my personal music collection.  So if you like heavy guitars, great lyrics and catchy tunes, with a touch of hair thrown in for good measure, you just might too.