“Contempt for Man”

 by Thor

Swedish grinders Axis of Despair return with “Contempt for Man” – 20 furious stabs of grindcore like a 33-minute crime of passion.  

I’m a grindhead so this album was always going to be a pretty safe bet for me, but like everything in life, there are levels to this shit.  And when it was brought to my attention that Axis of Despair features members of excellent bands like Nasum, Coldworker, and Infanticide, my expectations rose considerably.

So how does “Contempt for Man” meet those expectations?

The short answer is violently.  This album is all meat, no filler. Axis of Despair seems to eschew ambient droning and noise for tangible, muscular grind that’s reminiscent of output from bands like Napalm Death, Phobia, and of course Nasum.  The high-quality production features clarity and heft.  Compositionally, there’s never a lull, no reprieves, no mercy.

Amid a whirlwind of d-beat and blast beat percussion, hardcore-infused riffs, and angry guttural bellows, the band laments humanity’s utter disregard for itself and deluges us with bleak visions of the future.  It’s both timely and timeless.  

Axis of Despair’s “Contempt for Man” is as good as grind gets.  If you enjoy any of the aforementioned bands or you want to experience breathtaking sonic fury in a general sense, then seek out this album, strap in, and hold on….