“Crawling Chaos”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Two things Axemaster have going for them:  they are heavy and they don’t sound like anybody else. Once past that, though, things get a little trickier.

The band specialize in a very thick and bottom-heavy kind of power metal that eschews a speedy pace and concentrates on a kind of steady forward thrust. The vocals are deep and what an educated person such as the Good Doctor would called stentorian…no high pitched shrieking here. I can’t automatically think of another power metal band that sounds like them. The lead guitar soloing is frankly not that impressive…this is not a band if you like extreme shredders. There is a trudging, heavy power to cuts like “10,000 Pound Hammer”, “Axes of Evil” and “Bravado” but a quicker track now and then wouldn’t be a bad idea to break things up.

A couple of tunes like the title track and album-ending “Knight of Pain” just sound kind of off in their riffing and approach…awkward, though quite massive. An instrumental “Mystify the Dream Hypnotic” is quite refreshing and shows Axemaster can experiment when they want to.

Although not without some problems, “Crawling Chaos” is an interesting and quirky power metal album.