By Octopi Mills

Axegrinder's new album comes to us by way of Rise Above Records. We are told that these guys have been around for thirty years, and are returning after a long time after failing to make an album some time ago. Steve and "Trev"; that's these guy's names.

The first song has a touch of some urban hip hop type styling flair at times in the vocal phrasing, and the music is reputed to identify itself with crust. The lyrics can be cringingly bad; anti-political leading to being political, and have elements of something little better than Ebonics but trying. There are trendy little parts added in the melodic singing at other times which lead me to think this must have been a pretty important band at one time to have had another chance to rise above like this, but who can be for certain? 

The album art comes is pretty terrible even by 1970s standards and cries out to be released in their own respective formats. Music can partially be compared to Amebix or Hellbastard and partially can be heard of other things too far off to labor in finding. I learn that the word Satori means "awakening" in English and that it is hip to Buddhists; I learn this whilst listening. For old fans of Axe Grinder, I suspect that there may be a disappointment involving the listening to this new album here, but perhaps  I am wrong. For newly interested ones, maybe you will be able to see Steve and "Trev" somewhere and it will bring you to an awakened state of the world.