By Theron Moore

I gotta few red flags right away with this band.  First is the name, "Axegressor" which sounds like something outta Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, specifically "Metalocypse" which this band is not.  The second thing is the music which is flat; it has no soul or life.  Axegressor is an empty shell, a clone, a zombie in the truest sense.

 Can they play, is it thrash, does it rock?  Kind of, sort of, but does it have heart?  No and that’s what separates “Axegressor” from the pack.  “Last” was released on June 24th and unless this band gets across in way, shape or form I believe “Last” is probably just that, their “last.”

What I dig about retro thrash bands like Lich King, Municipal Waste and Lost Society is that they add texture and layer to who they are and what they pay homage to and clearly it shows in their music.  Axegressor lacks all of this and that shows on their current CD, "Last."

I'd name individual songs to point out what I'm talking about but unfortunately the whole record comes across generic, formulaic, derivative.  Harsh?  Truth.  Remember those other three bands I mentioned earlier?  Lich King, Municipal Waste and Lost Society?  Buy their records and avoid the cartoonish nonsense that is Axegressor.