“Metal Lands”

By Theron Moore

Florida’s ATTIKA have returned with a new record, “Metal Lands”. Dropping February 26 via Pure Steel Records, ATTIKA is back with a fist banging vengeance. They were active in the mid-80’s tomid-90’s and then disappeared. In 2018 they re-emerged at “Up the Hammers” fest and “Headbanger’s Open Air” in 2019. So, what’s the verdict? Is “Metal Lands” worth your time or not? Well…,

ATTIKA, at best, are hit and miss with this disc. Songs like “The Price” ring loud with a BRITNY FOX vibe while the title track takes an ill-fated trip into power metal / classic metal territory barely finding its way out. The songs on this record are a mish mash of poorly conceived, badly executed, generic sounding metal. The best song on this record is “Thorn In My Side,” which is what the rest of “Metal Lands” should’ve sounded like. Instead, it’s a disjointed disc that spends too much time reminding us they were part of the 80’s metal scene. I get it. I read your press release.

There’s also the question of band identity. Are they stripped down 80’s metal or power /traditional metal? “Run With The Horsemen” and the title track are a nice stab at classic metal but alas, not enough to guide me one way or the other. And some of the lyrical content borders on comical and foolish, especially when ATTIKA tries to make political observations or statements. It just doesn’t work, it seems out of place.

Sorry folks, this isn’t my cup of tea. The one thing I always reiterate, is, make up your own mind regarding record reviews, who knows, you might like it. Check the band out, give them a listen, and decide for yourself. “Metal Lands” just doesn’t work for this reviewer. Too much filler, not enough killer.