“Formed in Disgust” 

by Thor

North Carolina’s Atrocious Abnormality returns with the long-awaited follow up to their 2007 debut “Echoes of the Rotting” with a new slab of brutality called “Formed in Disgust.”

Atrocious Abnormality is brutal American death metal through and through.  Their aesthetic elicits an expected deranged and macabre vibe, from their illegible logo to their horrific album art and lyrics.  Musically, their arsenal includes catchy, brutal riffs, lots of groove, some slamming, tremolo-picked blast parts, and super deep, guttural vocals.  The over-arching approach is brutality through simplicity.

“Formed in Disgust” is mixed really well resulting in exceptional clarity for this particular strain of metal and it’s just rough around the edges enough to retain an organic feel.  There are stylistic elements on this album that recall bands like Lust of Decay (they share members), Gorgasm, Fleshgrind, and Devourment.  It all works well enough.

Twenty years ago, “Formed in Disgust” would’ve stayed in heavy rotation on my stereo.  Right now, though, I dig it, but it’s well-trodden territory. It’s also missing something and I’m not quite sure what it is.  It’s like a continuous chain of cool individual parts, but many of them are non-sequiturs so the element of well-composed songs seems to be lacking.  I’m left feeling like Atrocious Abnormality has all the ingredients required to be a top-of-the-line brutal death metal act, they just need to optimize all that potential and I’m not sure they’ve achieved that here.

“Formed in Disgust” is a solid, ultra-heavy, if not very memorable 29 minutes of death metal.