"Hang Them"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Hang those 1%'ers from the nearest light pole, say these two French grindcore bands and I tend to agree. France has become the source of some of the hardest and angriest music around in the last decade and after hearing this split LP, you might feel like taking to the streets yourself.

ATARA open the assault with "Pedro" which is short to the point of absurdity and brutal to the point of insanity. Full grind ahead is the preferred speed but there's enough groove to keep Atara's attacks interesting. The vocals are batshit crazy but not so far gone that it's a turn off...which is something Miserable Failure falls prey to. Atara get in and out with their 6 songs with efficiency and it's safe to say we have another band for fans of Blockheads and Cripple Bastards to enjoy.

MISERABLE FAILURE is more of a known quantity, I've heard these loons on another Kaotoxin comp. This is a more "modern" and extremely dissonant kind of grindcore in the style of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pig Destroyer. That means it sounds like how rolling naked in ground glass feels. The ultra screamy vocals are often just too wearying to these ears, as on "Hang Them" and "Pink Coffin" but there are some interesting samples and stylistic changes to make things interesting as well. The final monologue about hanging the leaders of the European Union leaves no mystery as to where Miserable Failure's political sympathies lie.

This is pretty limited so jump on it quick if you're a fan of the strongest grind. All others had best beware!