"Shaman's Path of the Serpent"

By Octopi Mills

The promo does not babble nonsense, as some do in an attempt to tell one how to feel and live their lives. There is a photo of some West side fellows sporting shades and in full beard and if I can see, Billy Anderson has had his hands all up and down the sliders like an old Mormon prophet runs his feelers over some young woman or man in a private barn booth, a Christ away from messiah, and a meat product away from failed excellence. In a like manner that Mormons stole from their Masonic overlords, so does many a stoner or doom metal band borrow from the old worshipful masters of yesteryear...though the master's word is lost.

If I were to be brought this music now, as a man is brought in to the local shaman and cunning man with a belly full of black bile and a head full of old world demons, I would first say it is heady; but not like one might first imagine after being exposed to bands that fit in the genre. It's more of a thin, cerebral soup than a eastern head cheese- that is,thick and half arsed doom down tuned to a slow boil. This is not what we have here.

 The promo makes threats that these men are of the touring and traveling sort, so you better damn well take it into consideration. Now, Billy Anderson is as subtle in his producing music as a cattleman is at watching his herd and noting the sort of diseases, and when he slides his hand up and down here and there, back and forth, and you know where, you will never know the difference, nor that he is there, watching like the all seeing eye on the album art. Sneaky he is, and I bet he leans back in his favorite chair and slides the levers around like an old king snake slides back an egg from a nearby hen's nest before moving on to the next farmhouse. If he kicked off his shoes and went bare assed, none would know not the better of it. It is this very edge these boys have here over others, the slick and nearly invisible work of Billy Anderson as the music producer. If they brought him in as sound man on their tour, well, lots of people wouldn't know what happened, much like the cold air in the Casino, for those in the know of myth and marvel. 

I could go on all day about how Billy Anderson is present here and yet not, and I wouldn’t even know myself if I weren't given the inside information, and this is the problem. The whole album slid by me in its soft passage and easy going flow, and all I noticed is what I never would have noticed at all; and this is all the cunning work of one Billy Anderson, and if the man was hired to work psyops operations soon, it would not shock me.