By Dr. Abner Mality

The second effort from this Australian band should definitely not be overlooked by discerning metal fans. Their debut "Salvation Through Destruction" certainly had its strong moments, but the peculiarly titled "Boundless!" manages to surpass it in just about every way. It's thrashier, more focused and more majestic...the whole record just sounds huger in every aspect. This is exactly what a sophomore release should do.

Assaulter specializes in a kind of controlled, intense metal wtih strong roots in the classics but boosted up to war-like levels. The guitar sound is thick and dry and the raspy vocals of Mr. S. Berserker transmit a lot of hatred with their sandpaper tones. What strikes me about Assaulter on "Boundless!" is the bombastic, medieval feel to epic tunes like "Slave To King" and "The Perpetual War". Those sound almost like the metal soundtrack to a "Game of Thrones" style fantasy film. But the best is saved for last with the magnificent "Great Subterfuge". Titanic mid-paced riffing and the superb use of a choir turn this into a true masterpiece.

Elsewhere, there are bloodthirsty thrashers like "Dying Day" and "Outshine"  (definitely NO relation to Soundgarden) to quench your hunger for speed. Fans of fellow Aussies Destroyer 666 and Razor of Occam can surely pick up "Boundless!" with confidence and I now eagerly await further attacks from Assaulter.