"Breaking the Silence"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Assassin can trace their lineage back to the glory days of German thrash in the 80's...that age of giants when Kreator was pleased to kill, Destruction summoned up infernal overkill and Sodom doused everybody with Agent Orange. Assassin were definitely part of the second tier of Kraut-thrash, along with Vendetta, Angeldust and Holy Moses.

And that's where they still are in 2011. Not every band is destined to conquer the world and headline. Assassin is aggressive and enthusiastic but the material on "Breaking The Silence" just doesn't have the X-factor that pushes a band over the top and into the stratosphere. It's raw and thrashy, but I can't say the band's songwriting is that exciting. For example, the riffs that kick off "Judas" and "Strike Back" have been heard many, many times before. This is not the technical kind of thrash and on cuts like "I Like Cola" and "Real Friends", the punk and hardcore roots are easy to spot. Not that that's a bad thing, but I dunno, I've heard it done better than this. The whole album is kind of like that...Robert Gonnella's vocals are full of piss and vinegar but wear kind of thin by album's end. Dinko's lead guitar work is adequate but not outstanding. You get what I mean.

Not wimpy by any standard, "Breaking The Silence" is workmanlike thrash. If you're a fan of the old Assassin, you'll love it. Most are going to be pickier, though.