By Dr. Abner Mality

Sometimes ya just gotta grind. And for those times, we have bands like Poland's Ass To Mouth. Boy, I'd love to see these guys hit the Top 10, just so I could see that band name in print in Billboard magazine. Ah, well...

Hailing from fertile grindcore capital Poland and out on the rarely-makes-a-wrong-move Selfmadegod Records, ATM is just pure fun textbook grindcore. They're not out to challenge paradigms like countryment Antigama or try to change they world, they are just out to grind your skull for a half hour with a barrage of perfectly played and recorded brute force ballbusters. Rotten Sound, Blockheads, Phobia, Squash Bowels...this is definitely recommended if you like those guys. Lead vocalist is Kuba formerly of Toxic Bonkers and he roars and bellows like a barnyard bull getting castrated. He even tosses in some pig squeals, but not enough to ruin the record.

20 short, punchy songs ranging from super catchy skank to blitzkrieg wall of noise. Song titles like "Here Comes Mr. Pig", "Brainless Retards",  "You Have 0 Friends" and "Sentenced To Grind". This really hits the spot if you're looking for grind and nothing but. Another good one from Selfmadegod!