By Dr. Abner Mality

How do you like your ASPHYX? Faster than a runaway train, with brutality to spare? Slow and deadly like fungal cancer creeping through your body? Or somewhere in the middle, with a good mix of riffs?

Well, on “Necroceros”, you get all varieties of ASPHYX. Hell, you get that mangling mixture right on the very first track “The Sole Cure Was Death” and it’s a thing of beauty to hear. On their last full length “Incoming Death”, I think the band ran out of gas a bit, with some tracks coming across pretty average and rushed. On this new album, that’s been corrected and the result is a real skull-cracker in true ASPHYX style. 

The cuts that rule the roost here are the ones that focus on distinct slow-to-medium riffs that flatten all in their path. That would be “Mount Skull”, “Three Years of Famine”, “In Blazing Oceans” and the title track itself. ASPHYX has always been a leader in the death/doom movement and this cements that reputation. With their being strong death/doom crushers on hand, that means the ultra-fast rippers like “The Sole Cure Was Death”, “Botox Implosion and “Yield or Die” are even more potent. And you can find some fast riffs in the slower tracks and vice versa.

It helps make “Necroceros” a stand out album. The production is ravaging, the playing is tight and Martin van Drunen sounds as agonized as always. Glad to hear ASPHYX is back on track…