"Knuckle Duster"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Folks, it's tough to say, but it needs to be said: Motorhead are nearing the end of the line. I know, I know, Lemmy is God, but he's also a man who's had years of full throttle living which is starting to catch up to him. The day will come eventually when Motorhead breaths no more. That will be one of the most tragic days in rock n roll history, but we can ease a little of the pain with this thought: Asomvel is ready to stand in for Lemmy and the boys when they are gone.

This lot have actually been around 20 years or so and have already endured the shattering experience of losing founding member Jay Jay Winter in a car crash. Many are the band's who have tried to pick up the challenge laid down by Motorhead...Asomvel succeeds better than almost all because they've lived the life and the greasy, grimy punked-up metal-rock they play is what they are...not just another "retro" trend to jump on. If you pine for the days when Fast Eddie was still a member of Motorhead, Asomvel's your band..."Knuckle Duster" has "Overkill" and "Bomber" written all over it and without any pretension. Chugging bass lines  oozing with drunken swagger....screaming bluesy guitar licks jumping out all over the place...and drums pounded by a beast...that's the ticket! Sure, you've heard the riffs before, but not with this much commitment.. "Trash Talker", "Cash Whore", "Final Hour" and the rest of the bunch are all heads down dirty rockers to make you thirsty for a beer.

Singer/bassist Conan (probably from Cumbria instead of Cimmeria) makes things a little different in that he doesn't sound much like Lemmy's gravel-throated growl. He's got a clearer, bassier tone that reminds a lot of The Almighty, another band with a resemblance to Asomvel. Not all the tunes are cut from the same cloth..."Waster" and "Hangman's Rope" are slower, longer, bluesier, with a sleazy grind. "Stranglehold" speeds things up to a thrash pace. But the backbone of Asomvel are the straight forward Motorheadish rockers like "Dead Set On Livin'".

You dig old Motorhead, there is absolutely no way to go wrong with "Knuckle Duster". Asomvel is gonna keep that tradition alive for a good long time...