By Professor Jocko

Now celebrating a 10 year anniversary and currently on the appropriately named Decade of Destruction tour, As I Lay Dying is reveling in a new album just released last month, containing a few remixes and a couple of kick-ass cover tunes. Having been a big fan of these guys for many years now, I can safely say that this LP is one of their finest set of tracks, not for the weak at heart, mind or soul. If there was a category for “diversity-metal”, these guys would definitely be in it. Not only do they pick some really cool fuckin' covers, but the remixes are something that shows that they aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

As the first few tracks roll out, you are reminded as to why As I Lay Dying has such a huge following, with knuckle-busters such as "From Shapeless to Breakable" and "Moving Forward". However, what amazes me is the selection of covers, and how many there are! Most bands will throw in a cover song every once in awhile, but this album has "War Ensemble"(Slayer), "Hellion" & "Electric Eye"(Judas Priest)  and "Coffee Mug" , which is an old Descendents tune. In my opinion, doing any Slayer tune means that you really have to be on your game, especially if it is one from the Dave Lombardo years which depend heavily on drums, and Jordan Mancino nails this one to the cross!

As I Lay Dying is coined as a “metalcore” band, and is definitely personified in this case with remixes by INNERPARTYSYSTEM, Benjamin Weinman, Kelly “Carnage” Cairns and Big Chocolate. Although songs such as "Confined" or "Wrath Upon Ourselves" aren’t my favorite songs from the album, I can see the appeal because of the diversity between each track, and furthermore from the cover songs preceding them. Although remixes tend to become redundant in most cases, these last few songs have elements to them with different sound effects and alternating rhythmic beats that make them interesting.