"Anno Universum"

By Dr. Abner Mality

From beyond the edges of the space-time continuum comes this assault of slamming, technical death metal. Based on their name, Arkhum probably originates somewhere between R'lyeh and the utmost pits of Utumno and it sounds like it! Good harsh stuff that ain't for sissies, but with more thought and songwriting skill than you'd expect from the usual "guttural" folderol.

Kicking off with the out-of-kilter "Appellation", it doesn't take these dudes long to slam into the splatter-ready "Grief Urchin", which should delight any fan of stuff like Insidious Discrepancy or Devourment. The vocals are about as mucus-coated as you would expect from a lumbering Shoggoth,  From here, the band continues to get more epic and technical, with "Obsolescent Husk" and "Obviated Geocentrism" bringing in deathcore arpeggios, squeals and trills. But the riffs are catchy and the songs don't really fly off the handle. The spacy aspect continues to grow and Arkhum travels through more esoteric realms while still remaining pretty brutal. By the time "Expendable Biomass" rolls in, you realize you've just heard a pretty strong and effective ultra-brutal death metal album...a rare species!