"From Fields Of Fire"

By Colonel Angus

One of the biggest joys or doing reviews is that I’m exposed to a lot of new music that I otherwise would not know existed.  It seems radio has turned its back on anything that isn’t considered “classic rock” or from established acts.  There is always the internet but there is so much out there, so that basically leaves word of mouth and reviews on websites.  All of this leads to me explain why I have no prior knowledge of this new album by Argus being released.  That being said, I’m glad that I got the pleasure of hearing and reviewing "From Fields Of Fire".  

One of the things that hit me right off the bat is that this disk is a nice combination of traditional metal with elements of thrash, doom, and prog added.   While there are many bands out there that may be a combination of two of the styles, Argus seems to be able to blend those influences without having it sound like a complete mess.  The music and song writing has matured since their previous release "Beyond The Martyrs".  Opening track “Devils Of Your Time” has a cool riff that reminds me of “In My Darkest Hour” by Megadeth.  “No Right To Grieve” starts off slow but builds into a cool doom-ladened track.  “As A Thousand Thieves” and “Infinite  Lives Infinite Doors” both have some great galloping moments ala Iron Maiden.  The latter being an epic track with prog elements clocking in over 11 minutes.  In fact, most of the songs are longer but they contain many different parts so they never get boring or one-dimensional.  As a listener, each of the tunes can be enjoyed by themselves but the album works well as a complete piece when you add the intro and outro tunes.  They bookend the disk and make it one cohesive piece of work.
There have been a couple of changes to the line-up since last time.  Dave Watson replaces Erik Johnson on guitar and Justin Campbell takes over for Andy Ramage on bass.  Brian “Butch” Balick continues to have a cool voice and reminds me of the NWOBHM singers from the early 80s.  Watson and Jason Mucio provide the solid riffing and solos throughout.  For a good example of their guitar work, just grab a listen to “You Are The Curse”; good riffs and melodic soloing.  Rounding out the band, Kevin Latchaw (drums) and the previously mentioned Campbell provide a solid foundation for the other to build upon.  Again, While I enjoyed the music of the previous band, I would keep this line-up “as is” because there is a certain chemistry that is evident on From Fields Of Fire.
"From Fields Of Fire" stands with some of the better records that have been released this year.  In fact, it is good enough to make me revisit their back catalogue.  With so many new CDs released every month, it is easy to get lost in the mix so it would be a shame if "From Fields Of Fire" fell through the cracks.  If you like traditional metal with some other styles thrown into the mix, I’m sure you will find this release will hit the spot.