by Octopi Mills

I am told this album is dedicated to Hel, the old Norse Giantess. Now then, this being said, I feel this is a somewhat unique act in an otherwise useless modern genre of something which is called black metal, still, and has more followers and fans than country music or southern gospel, it would sometimes seem. Perhaps this is so different  because this music has been around just as long as some of the greatest in the field, or perhaps it is just because Arckanum follow the beat of their own drum; in this case the chaotic drums of Pan, which, though different to me, might just as well be brought to life in the form of panic and felt here in this album.

This music is not your typical black metal, and never was absolutely, and I would wager that if you are a fan of Arckanum, you will know what to expect in terms of form, sound, and gnosis, eh? You won't hear the robbing from old Norse styles, as the usual cloning process of most useless bands. What then can be said of this album? It is Arckanum from Sweden, and had built a name for itself by following it's own call for long enough now that one will know what to expect and yet, perhaps, be surprised. There are distorted guitars and good riffs at their times and a cleaner sound than earlier recordings, but this is somewhat standard in any working, we know, by now. If you liked this music before, then I am sure you will enjoy it again, and maybe you will enjoy hearing something new from such an old friend, then.