“The Luciferian Crown”

By Dr. Abner Mality

When it comes to “goat” bands, Archgoat rules the roost. Most goat bands are a dime a dozen and sound cheap, but these fiendish Finns have been walking the path of the cloven hoof since 1989. That makes them one of the earliest devotees of the primal Bathory sound.

It’s a sound they’ve mastered for sure. From the sexually wicked cover art right down to song titles like “Jesus The Father of Lies” and “Messiah of Pigs”, Archgoat pulls no Satanic punches. Their mixture of ultra-primitive death metal and first wave black metal blasphemy is crude but really catchy. Tracks such as “I Am Lucifer’s Temple’ and “Sorcery and Doom” harken back to Beherit, early Sodom and of course early Bathory, but still manage to have an identifiable Archgoat sound. One thing that typifies the band is the low growling death metal vocals they use….none of the typical black metal “troll” singing here. This is the belching of Beelzebub incarnate!

From many other bands, this approach would be ludicrous, but Archgoat make it work. This is like a trip back in time to when extreme metal was really scary and ugly.