"Friday the 13th"

By Dark Starr

There is a lot of hard rock built into this beast. Yet, it also has plenty of space rock. The atmosphere is often creepy. Psychedelic rock is a frequent element here. Overall, this is an unusual, but quite effective disc. 

“Spiritus Mundi” starts with some weird sounds and ghostly operatic vocals. It turns toward a real haunted house kind of vibe as it continues. Then it gets into noisy electronic psychedelic territory. A theremin (I think) screams over the top. It gradually moves forward as a noisy bit of chaotic weirdness. Some sections are more musical than others. Later it coalesces into some more atmospheric oddity with a man shouting over the top. That segment makes me think of Hawkwind just a bit. It turns to noisy jamming from there. This segues into the next cut. 

Coming out of the previous one, “Riot” is part Electric Wizard and part Hawkwind. It’s a cool rocker. Stretching out from the previous tune, “Turn On” feels like a cross between Blue Cheer, the MC5 and Hawkwind. It’s another killer rocker.  Hard rocking music, “Human Toad” is part psychedelia, part metal and part space rock for the first section. Then a false ending gives way to the return of just the bass. Drums join along with whispered/spoken vocals. It begins to gradually rise up from there. Eventually we’re taken into some killer psychedelic jamming from there. 

Sound effects from the end of the last song bring “Innocent Tu Seras Incandescent” into being. It moves forward like something from a science fiction movie. Three are some echoey spoken vocals in French as this works to more mainstream psychedelia. “Kill Yourself” pounds out into psychedelia meets space rock jamming. This screamer is very much like the punky side of Hawkwind. There is a trippy section at the end with spoken words. That really seems like Hawkwind. 
Psychedelia and Hawkwind like space rock merge on “Jungle Man.” It’s energized and a little raw.  The sounds of a woman having pleasure permeates much of “Bloody Orgasm (The Forgotten One).” It has a fast paced, but noisy psychedlia meets space jam at its heart. More of a pure psychedelic rocker, “It's Now or Never” has something that again seems like theremin to me. It’s a rough around the edges cut in a lot of ways. 
Air raid sirens and flak start “Up to the Sky.” As music joins it is quite psychedelic. It’s a hard rocker that’s pretty cool and rather weird. “Tu Seras Roi” is a bit more mainstream psychedelic rock. It’s got plenty of weirdness going on, too. “Lucifer” is a hard rocker that is another that has a lot of Hawkwind in the mix. It’s a stomper, but also very much space rock. It dissolves to more trippy space rock later with some cool jamming. With space jamming and spoken processed vocals, “Ready to Fly” is another that’s a lot like something Hawkwind would do. It works out to a cool psychedelic rock jam later in the track. There is some weird music at the end that feels a bit like a polka.