"Winds of Disillusion"

by Octopi Mills

Someone in the promo stated these fellows use the razor sharpness of modern black metal, while maintaining  "a rock sensibility",and I know this can't be good. Who would say such a thing; "modern" black metal"? Which ones?

There is a melding of this and that, little keys and second hand black metal riffs, as if they were shopping in a bin for the best of the darker metal genre sounds like black, dark and doom, and gave it a big gloss of shiny overcoat from the local hardware store- that is, modern sound, digital and cleanly shaven like the face of the young man trying to get you to listen to his new and modern band music. Get in line, and when you make music at least try to make something worth the plastic fumes and Chinese narcotics which are involved in such a task. Then, realize the matter is serious, and if it is worth it to fill such a void in one's ego- it is no more important and far less than the filling in a Bavarian longhorn pastry.

Yet in the long distance of the first song there are some more somber parts that sound as if they should have stuck with them all the way through; the solemn piano parts, and the dark water guitar pieces, which have a great creepy pitch and ring...and the spoken vocals, which sound like some meager Italian priest with a sexual hangup. I am wondering why they had to be black metal thus far at it only mars the only canvas they have. The doomish guitar parts are weaker than the standard by many means at times, and there is more air than weight. If they had only just got together and scrapped the vocals and metal pretensions and rented an old cottage where there was only a gas light and the pianos and guitars, and recorded that, they might have had something..Of course this would strip them of their identity, and free will. The spoken word parts seem to harbor the best music, as if they go back to this at intervals, only to foolishly think they are black metal folk at later times, when we know damn well they are not. It's as if they feel they must do this because they may have held a great meaning to some album of the past; as if they are trying to bear some flag that they have no business meddling with. I am glad to be done with the recording when all is said and done, and would be greatly angered if i were to have paid money for it.