“From Gold To Ash”

By Dr. Abner Mality

A new Apostle of Solitude album is always something to look forward to. If you’re a fan of epic doom metal, you can’t pass these guys up. I would go so far as to say they have taken the crown from Solitude Aeturnus as America’s best epic doom band (although Khemmis might disagree).

“From Gold To Ash” delivers more of the quality we’ve come to expect from the band. I would say this may be their saddest sounding album yet. The focus is definitely on slow and sorrowful riffs this time around, with little of the chugging or even moderately fast stuff they did on last album “Of Woe and Wounds”. There are 5 proper songs, with an instrumental intro “Overlord” (which is not one to sneeze at, since it goes  almost 4 minutes) and brief acoustic interlude “Autumn Moon” Each song has the time it needs to tell its story but none of them are overdone or too long.  “My Heart Is Leaving Here” is almost 10 minutes but seems to last half that time. It’s also the heaviest track…absolutely crushing doom. The clean and somber vocals of Chuck Brown make sure there’s always plenty of melody here. Look elsewhere if you’re looking for growls and roars. 

“Keeping the Lighthouse” could be a lost Candlemass track and the last two songs “Monochrome” and “Grey Farewell” will almost have you in tears with their weeping doominess. There is little else to say about Apostle of Solitude and “From Gold To Ash” except the usual boring statement: don’t sleep on these cats!