"Na Rekah Vavilonskih"

By Octopi Mills

What is going on here is the re-release of some material by an obscure music recording from 1988, sounding quite analog in nature and like something from an old church. What seems to be hymns and religious chants are employed, and there is an inability for this writer's mind to translate anything coherent to text from listening to this. The great mustard yellows of the bastard Rider Waite tarot deck are brought forth in ways like barriers; like a headache of the emptied mind to a desert. I cannot meditate upon it or find anything with which to hold or speak; there is only a thin foothold to walk. What sounds like someone fondling around with old world instruments is apparent, though little can be divined outside me simply saying it sounds like a religious recording from some chapel somehow, and that the affair is five songs of it spanning over twenty minutes, and it makes me wonder if there is some intended effect or special importance that one misses from just hearing what sounds like a light hearted ceremonial recording. In the end,

 I wind up just pondering and wondering and feeling like I am trying to transcribe air that has been trapped in an old plastic bag or trying to find something to tell you about while looking into a clear stream that only reflects one's own image. I cannot call it strange, but somehow so mundane it borders such a notion, and know I will never recall a single note I heard..