“Primeval Devilish Wisdom”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Is Lexington, Kentucky a portal to the netherworld? Sounds like an absurd question, but after encountering APOCRYPHAL REVELATION from said Lexington, I may have to rethink my ideas about the Bluegrass State. This band plays an eerie kind of primitive black metal that sounds like it should be coming from Greece or Finland, not the home of the Kentucky Derby.

“Primeval Devilish Wisdom” boasts no less than 15 tracks, but many of these are devoted to brief keyboard soundscapes. Those all sound more effective than you’d think and in fact they contribute greatly to the mystical and creepy atmosphere of the record. They are not just throwaway tracks, but help to create a primordial feeling of forbidden, blasphemous rituals. But there’s still plenty of ghoulish metal here and this,too, has a feeling of ancient evil. APOCRYPHAL REVELATION is not obsessed with speed and they take time to come up with mid-paced and pure doom riffs that are very foreboding in style. I’m reminded of the old Greek black metal scene of the early 90’s instead of the typical Norse sounding stuff. When the band blasts with speed, they approach war metal levels of barbarity. The mix of ambient creepiness, darkened doom and ravaging intensity is done in about the right proportion.

The result is that “Primeval Devilish Wisdom” is not in any way groundbreaking but it winds up being pretty memorable and just the sort of thing you’d play before going out to cut your mother’s throat…