"Mangled By The Machine"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Coming out of Portland Oregon Ape Machine is grooving down with some 70s retro psychedelic, classic rock sounds. They have the fuzzy stoner-rock sound dialed in to just what you'd expect, and that is what bothered me. They have channeled in to the 70s so well that their music sounds old and a bit outdated. Now don't get me wrong ,the 70s had some of music's most defining moments and greatest pioneers of the industry but Ape Machine seems to have gone more toward being a hipster type band, using the popularity of this present 70s movement gain a foot in the door.

The first track titled "Gun You Down" starts off with an odd and out of tempo beat that grows annoying rather quickly. If you make it past the first minute it picks up the pace and you experience a moment of hope that is soon mangled by the Machine.The entire album is stuffed full of these odd out of tempo beats with a random riff tossed in for no particular reason. The music itself is quite repetitive and for the entire album sounds like one very very long song. It is actually quite difficult to listen to the whole thing at once and it took me a few swings to do it.

I did notice that there are some of influences from some of the greats like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Deep Purple and so forth but that's not enough to pull Ape Machine up. I have no top or bottom pick on this one and will likely never listen to it ever again unless forced to in some maniacal punishment for wrong doings on my part.

Maybe next time, Ape Machine.