"The Rising Of The Lights"

By Lord Randall

The history of ANTISECT is as storied as any band to come out the other side of the UK82 scene that birthed a sound that became a movement and now, regrettably, a hashtag used by “artists” to describe themselves or their music using a term they don’t know the first thing about, have no frame of reference on. ANTISECT was there back then, slogging it out in squats, flats and in the streets. Things happen, though. Life gets in the way, members come and go, and sometimes – just sometimes – it takes you 35 years to release your third album. 

 "The Rising Of The Lights", at its first glance, is more visually reminiscent of Fear Factory than some geezers attempting a snotty crust/anarcho-punk pisstake to take the place of buying a sports car to cope with a mid-life crisis. I’ll have to admit a bit of worry with the 2+-minute buildup of ‘Spirit-Level’, but the trio quickly enough redeems themselves within the main body of the song. Once the tune gets going its fiery and empowering, and anywhere else on the album would’ve been all aces. In this day, though, if an older band wants new listeners, they’ve gotta grab ‘em at the start, and I fear such a move will put off window-shoppers, which might’ve been their intent from the start. ‘The Last Ones Standing’ is churning, yet – dare I say – accessible, while ‘Acolyte’ burns with the incendiary Molotov cocktail that was, is, and forever shall be MOTORHEAD, paying respect, though maybe not consciously, to the unintentional founders of d-beat. Ambience and a welcome respite is brought by ‘Rise The Lights’, but only to level the listener with the anvil swinging from a pendulum that is ‘Black’. Closing out with ‘Scared To Die’, ANTISECT pull out all stops, melding ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN and MAGAZINE (think ‘Permafrost’) with cataclysmic abrasion to create the perfect finale. 

Is ANTISECT 2017 the same band that gave us "In Darkness There Is No Choice"? No. Does it try to be? No. As the title of a book covering the Detroit hardcore scene opines Why Be Something You’re Not? If anything, today’s ANTISECT is more focused. And that should worry everyone.