By Dr. Abner Mality

I'm not exactly sure what falls under the heading of "alternative rock"...could be anything from Einsturzende Neubauten to Smashing Pumpkins...but I'm pretty sure that The Antikaroshi definitely qualify. Once in a while, it's nice fo me to escape the world of pounding riffs and screaming solos and enter a different kind of place, the sort of place The Antikaroshi call home. I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy this kind of stripped down, arty/mathy music. It's not for vomiting blood or beating somebody's more for trying to get inside the music.

A look at the Dada-style cover art reveals a band coming from the avant-garde side of the musical/artistic spectrum. But the tunes themselves are not all that complex and hard to get into. It's a simple bass/drum/guitar format, with vocals adding simple phrases. Occasionally synth or even sax make an appearance and though there is a hard edge to most of The Antikaroshi's music, it seems to me to be as much jazz as rock n' roll, due to how all the instruments seem to play off each other. The bass is at least as important as the guitar and the drumming is mathematically precise. The guitar veers from twangy ala R.E.M to crunchy to almost crystalline. Yeah, I could see fans of Baroness or Mastodon getting into this.

"Per/Son/Alien" is not quite as simple as it first appears and the album reveals more of itself over time, so don't expect an instant listen. If you want to take a break from  metal and punk, this is surprisingly deep music and I recommend it.