ANTIGAMA "Stop The Chaos"

STRONG INTENTION "Razorblade Express"

By Dr. Abner Mality

These two veteran grind bands have released EPs to whet our appetites until they return to blow our heads off with full lengths. What's the result?

After two ground-breaking albums on Relapse, Poland's Antigama have surprisingly returned to their homeland's Selfmadegod Records. The move has brought out the beast in these maniacs and proves once again that they are Eastern Europe's answer to Napalm Death, striking with both bone-shattering intensity and a dash of experimental weirdness. " E conspectu" opens the barrage and it sounds like hell exploding in your brain. This truly rivals Napalm in every facet. It's the most brutal track, but "The Law" and the rest of the cuts don't fall too far behind. There's some odd time riffing here, but overall the EP is more straightforward than their Relapse material. The sole exception to that is final track "The End", which is an electronic soundscape in the vein of other such Antigama anomalies. A strong, solid EP from these guys.

Strong Intention I saw open for D.R.I. quite a few years ago and I don't think I have ever seen such a fast, cyclonic band. It made D.R.I. sound like mid-tempo plod. Since then, I haven't heard much from them until this whirlwind of an EP, which features six songs in less than ten minutes. First thing noticeable is that the band now mixes sludge and groove into their grind, so much so that Eyehategod's Mike Williams guests on the title track and "Third Space Gorilla Generator". The songs with sludge/groove content tend to be more interesting than straightforward blasters like "Messiah Whore" and "Slaughter Intelligence", which are more like generic punk-fueled grind. On the whole, I'm slightly disappointed with "Razorblade Express". I'm hoping for a full length that will show a lot more of what I hope Strong Intention is capable of.

In a clinch, opt for the Antigama.