"The Insolent" 

by Thor

Poland’s grinding monstrosity Antigama returns with “The Insolent,” a brutal blitz of ridiculously aggressive grindcore.

“The Insolent” sounds fantastic boasting a thick and bottomless low-end while it maintains impressive clarity.  And stylistically, Antigama worship at the church of Napalm Death to a degree that some may find a bit too derivative.  I happen to love those British forefathers of the genre and don’t mind the overt homage.  In fact, where Napalm Death occasionally experiments to the extent that I’m challenged to wrap my head around it, or dig it, really, Anitgama takes an approach to this strain of the form that really streamlines it.

For the most part, the songs on “The Insolent” are short, blast-beat laden bursts of ferocity.  However, there are certainly enough half-time riffs that drop short powerful slams into the chaos and even a couple entire tracks that are predominately mid-tempo such as “Sentenced to the Void,” to keep things from being overwhelming.  The album seems to save the anomalous tracks for the back half, moving away from the Napalm Death-style onslaught and infusing the album with some truly interesting style motifs not typically found on a grincore record.  The spaced out bong hit of a track “Out Beyond” epitomizes the progressively strange culmination of “The Insolent.”

Antigama will appeal to grindheads far and wide and they may also have the potential to transcend those finicky subgenre barriers erected by people with too much time on their hands.  “The Insolent” is a great album provided you can get past large segments of it being comprised of an uncanny Napalm Death impersonation, or just embrace it like I did.