"For All Kings"

 by Sgt Deth

We have had to wait almost five years for this new CD from metal veterans Anthrax, but it was well worth the wait. It is an upgrade to the 2011, “Worship Music” release. They have finally achieved what they wanted to do, which is make a good sounding legacy metal CD. The production on this masterpiece is top notch. The song writing, musicianship, and overall sound is beyond top notch. Joey Belladonna’s voice seems to have gotten better with age, like a fine wine. Charlie Benante snaps out some intense beats and just tortures the skins. Scott Ian, Frank Bello, and Jon Donais shred the strings and there are catchy riffs galore. This is better than legacy. Sure it has some old school sounds (especially when it comes to Belladonna’s voice and Ian’s mosh driven riffs), however this is a standalone album with a lot better production and overall sound than their material that was released back in the day.

One important change I must note is this album is about one hour in length and they have a lot of 5 to 7 minute songs which is unusual for them, or mosh metal in general. It kicks off with a 7 minute song, “You Gotta Believe”, which starts the album out right with a showcase of talent and screaming guitar change ups and solos. This is when I realized how much experience and talent these guys have gathered over the many years. Then it goes in to  “Monster At The End”, which will hook you in if you weren’t already. I really like Belladonna’s vocals on this entire CD, but I think this track is where he shines the most. He sounds hauntingly epic on this track, almost like he is the monster. He screams, “Down and under where the damned are ridin’… your golden halo is burned and melted”.

 “Evil Twin”, could have easily fit on 1988’s “State of Euphoria” album. But, as I mentioned above, it has a much more updated sound and honed musical skills that come blaring out in your face. Then on to almost 8 minute, “Blood Eagle Wings”, that is the closest thing you will hear to a ballad on this CD. It is a really good song, but a little slow compared to the other tracks. My personal favorite is  “Defend Avenge”, which truly has that heavy grind like old school mosh. Awesome guitar skills on that one and some good change ups with the effect and distortion pedals. I have to mention  “All Of Them Thieves”, as it has some of the most thumping drums my speakers have ever had to endure. It has some pretty evil lyrics, I also hate thieves. “This Battle Chose Us”, is another very old school sounding song, and will be an excellent one to hear and see played live. He screams, “You give them hell, because you must”. Then the ending of the song speeds up and really gives them hell. The last song, “Zero Tolerance”, is a ground breaking song in my opinion. I would describe it as speed/mosh metal. 

I can listen to this one over and over every day. I am sure it will be revered as a metal classic in years to come. Don’t miss out and pick up your copy right away. They are even issuing it on vinyl.