"XIII Steps To Ruination"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Pure American brutality is guaranteed in spades when you pick up this slab of sickness. Gone are the days when all bands on Unique Leader sounded like variations of the same thing. Annihilated deliver a more measured and less speedy beating than many "typical" Unique Leader bands and "XIII Steps To Ruination" is all the heavier for it. Fans of Dying Fetus, Devourment and Internal Bleeding will be digging this the most.

Annihilated interject plenty of gravity-destroying mid-paced chunks amidst the blasting riffs. It's technical but not too much so. Total oldschool drones into completely simple minded stuff may not dig it, but there's plenty of fans of classic American death metal that will. The lyrics are the typical cautionary tales of Illuminati, New World Order and brainwashing, so Dying Fetus fans will have more to love. The production is perfect....absolutely crushing but clear. The drumming is not overly digital, which is always a possible turnoff.

"Throne of Eternity" is a Sherman tank capable of levelling Baghad while "Eradication Profits" roars along like a napalm airstrike. Those are the peak of the Annihilated canon, but destruction is guaranteed here. Very strong death metal release on display!