“Entropy Mantra”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here’s an American black metal band with a very good grasp on the “epic” side of their genre. Not too many bands from the States have mastered this style, which is extremely fast but also sad and majestic. Links to Wolves In the Throne Room are accurate, but these guys are more traditional in their approach and not quite as droning and drawn out.

They favor the trebly, warbly type of guitar sound, which is easy to lose a grip on and turn into a powerless mush, but Anicon do not fall prey to this. The power and thickness of the riffing is always there, heard nowhere better than the opening chords of “Feeding Hand”. This first song tells the listener right away that this is a black metal band that never loses the “metal” portion of their sound. There are some really awe-inspiring high speed riffs on this album, especially on “Names Written in Tar” and the ending chords of “Paling Terrain”. Only on the song “Blood on the Road” do they experiment with a slower, more depressive feel, which isn’t entirely successful, but it does break up the record with variety.

There is a feeling of honesty and grandeur hovering about much of “Entropy Mantra”. A fine black metal release here!