Rise To Supremacy” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

I saw Texas’ Anialator perform live at the NYDM Spring Bash a year ago and they pretty much flattened the place. I wondered if they could deliver the same thermonuclear aggression on record. With “Rise To Supremacy”, we have our answer.

For a band that’s been around close to 30 years, these grizzled thrashers kick up one hell of a racket. This 5 song EP is a sledgehammer right between the eyes that blows your head apart with massive grooves and bloodthirsty bad intentions. Many full lengths lack the punch this record packs. “Embrace The Chaos” is absolute fucking devastation from the jump, with sandpaper-raw vocals and thrash that veers into death metal. That will wake you up in a hurry. “All Systems Down” follows with more rampaging speed, but then the doors are utterly blown off with “Rise Again”.  This tune has riffs that even God hasn’t heard yet and ends with a pummeling groove that is catchier than Hell’s bloody demons.

The last two tracks “Thick Skinned” and “Black” come across like the offspring of Pantera and “Nuclear Winter” Sodom if you can imagine it. They’re not quite as amazing as the first three tunes, but they still kill.

Due to their name, Anialator will probably always be in the shadow of the Canadian thrash band, but that’s unfair because “Rise To Supremacy” is bringing a warhead to your ass with punishing intent.