By Selennos Lunos

The new album, "Mountain", from Sweden’s Anguish, is the doom outfit’s second full length release, and it serves up some hearty old school doom with traces of Candlemass, Celtic Frost, and Asphyx.

"Mountain" starts off with a creepy and mystical intro before pushing off into heavy old school doom, characterized by death metal influences and yelled Tom Warrior-esque vocals. Under some great production, Anguish’s chunky and suffocating doom is carried along by more upbeat death/black metal style passages, resulting in a very grim and enjoyable album which stands out among the tide of doom bands which have emerged in the past few years.

My favorite track off the album is ‘Stir Up the Demon’, which chugs along providing constant doomy riffage throughout. ‘Decomposer Of Planets’ is the shortest off the album, three minutes as opposed to the standard six to seven, and is definitely one of the most evil-sounding, the vocals are either whispered harshly or growled in the background, and the riffs slowly creep along building up tension that is released with the final gasped lyric. The final song ‘Snowhammer’ is a great closing track, with mournful organs throughout, and the slow and grim doom gives way to a quick upswing in tempo to let the last notes fade out.

"Mountain" is a great album that brings together elements of early doom, death, and black metal very well. It’s a heavy and excellently paced doom album that is sure to be a great listen for fans of metal across all genres.