By Dr. Abner Mality

Had this pegged initially for more typical retro-thrash stuff, this time from Europe. And upon hearing the first track "Five Horned Formation", I was sure I was right...beefy but fairly routine thrash. Well, bring it on...

Upon hearing second cut "Legions Arise", though, I started to revise my opinion. Whoa, this was a real eye opener after the standard first cut. Super, SUPER catchy and powerful riffs made it almost impossible to sit still. The harsh vocals (more like death metal) and the punky simplicity of the cut announce that Angrepp is after more than just knocking off Sodom and Destruction. After "Legions Arise", we get varied but brutal thrash with very strong punk/D-beat roots. "Firebrand" and the title track are two more great ones to get ya skankin' while "Rape, Kill, Rock N Roll" slows things down with almost a filthy Turbonegro kind of vibe. Last cut "Dictator" has a staccato, choppy feel more like modern thrash but still fitting in with the Angrepp motif.

So yeah, it's another 35 minutes of top notch thrash/death/punk insanity...damn, I was all set up to slate it!!!