“Ad Mortem Festinatus”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Anger As Art have been around for a good many years now, but they never hit anywhere near as hard as they do with “Ad Mortem Festinatus”. This is almost like a completely different band than the one I heard on their last album “Hubris Inc” back in 2013.

Whereas that album had a very mechanical, almost industrialized feel, “A.M.F.” slams with brutal thrash that lives up to the band’s name.  The nice thing about this one is that the tunes are neither old or new school.  They are just timeless aggression. Sure, there’s obvious influence from the long ago days of great California thrash…after all, AAA members Steve and Tim Gaines were there as part of Abbatoir…but it doesn’t sound forced and this is definitely not nostalgia trip. Nor does it sound as blatantly “modern” as “Hubris Inc.”.  “Pissing On Your Grave”, “Aim For the Heart” and “Tombward” are just bristling with anger and great riffs! An updated version of Bay Area thrash!  The vocals remind me of somebody but I’m damned if I can remember who! But like the music, they are a combination of fury and melody.

Every tune has got its own identity and that also is good news. Only with the next to last “Praise To the Firehead” do we finally get relief, as they track sounds like one of Heathen’s semi-balladic tunes. They finish things off with the epic “Dim Carcosa”, which has a very “classical” touch to it and scorching solos to match.

This blows past old Anger As Art material so massively that the band is virtually reborn. The band now enters a new age and thrash fans should hop aboard for the ride.