"The Veil" 

By Dr. Abner Mality

ANCIENT THRONES hail from the rugged shores of Nova Scotia in Canada's Maritime zone, which is an area we don't hear much out of when it comes to metal. They play that branch of metal that can best be described as "blackened"...not totally black metal, but having aspects of BM. The main thing I hear in their sound is a healthy dose of SKELETONWITCH, paired with melodic death metal and a kind of epic feel. The pace is extremely frantic, although there are "atmospheric" bits, and the guitar soloing is rather melodic.

To be honest, it's extremely well played but nothing is really gonna stick past the initial listen. They have a two pronged vocal approach, with a really crispy troll-like rasp duelling with a very low and grumbly death growl. This, too, brings SKELETONWITCH to mind. Some of the tracks here can be quite lengthy...three exceed nine minutes...and those cuts mix almost droning high speed with occasional melodic and low-key breaks. The songs often bleed into each other, giving the impression of one big, long track, which is a pretty draining listen. I don't know if there's a concept linking the lyrics, but the songs do flow into each other. I rather liked the shorter cuts like "The Millionth Grave" and "River of Rain", which are intense and focused.

It's a record that certainly has some worth to it and it's obvious ANCIENT THRONES take what they do very seriously, but "The Veil" is the essence of an album that will hold your attention while you listen to it, but you won't remember much about it the next day.