"Pesta Negre, Muerte Negra"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It's been about six years since Peru's Anal Vomit has shat forth anything of significance. I was thinking maybe these guys had hung it up, but no, here they are again with another purulent discharge of raging South American death/thrash!

Maybe Peru lags behind the rest of the world, but Anal Vomit is spewing forth primitive and unrefined filth reminiscent of the glory days of South American metal...there's a lot of Sarcofago, Sextrash and even very old Sepultura in their maniacal assault. Retro bands are a dime a dozen, needless to say, but A.V. really seem to have stepped out of a time machine from the Peruvian jungle. The production on this is spot-on....grungy and murky, yet not so cheap as to damage the heaviness. And the tunes are just primal raging thrash that sounds like the guys are jamming as they go along, whipping out venomous guitar solos with gusto and cackling like madmen as they do so. There is a charm to it!

I'd say the album really starts to pick up steam by "Dios Muerte", which has got the touch of old German thrash to it. Do not expect pure death metal when listening to Anal Vomit! It is very much dark and evil thrash robot drumming, no pigsqueal vocals, no technical overkill. Stuff like "Estado Comatoso" and "Pact To Kill" are the pure undiluted diarrhea of oldschool thrash demons! Compare this to the recent effort from Invincible Force and it's easy to see who is superior.

Deranged, trashy and with as much class as a 14 year old hooker in Manila, this is bestial shit indeed!